JG Funding was launched in 2007 as a service for those in need of fast funding for real estate investors and has funded over 100 Million dollars since then.


JG Funding is a direct hard money lender that has been providing the real estate industry with immediate access to short term financing for over 12 years. JG Funding serves a growing need for investors looking for creative or situational financing within a tight time frame to fund acquisition, refinance, rehab and other real estate investment projects.



We provide first position loans on residential and commercial real estate. We fund in house, our attorney creates loan docs and service our loans. We know it is confusing when selecting a hard money lender, so we make it easy! To get started please complete the Our Application. Once you submit it to us you’ll get a call or email from us within a few hours during regular business hours.


JG Funding is a unique type of hard money lending company. We are privately funded and have full control over all the deals that we approve, fund, and service. This means that there are no time delays due to insufficient funding.


JG Funding has quick access to million’s in funds with which to make hard money loans. If your project qualifies for a loan through JG Funding you’ll be closed and funded within days.


In most cases, we will make our real estate funding decision within 24 hours of beginning the underwriting process. And so from first introductions to the closing of your real estate loan, the entire process should not take more than 7-10 business days. Our objective is not to burden the borrower with requesting information that is not relevant to the successful execution of the loan but to allow the borrower the flexibility to manage the project.

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